Equipment Moving Dollies & Carts For Construction Sites In Camp Verde & Phoenix, AZ

An industrial strength, construction cart and dolly can be your best helper. It can move heavy ladders, pipe, wood, fencing, roofing, pavers, concrete block, tools, compressors, nail guns and all the nails. You can move your generator around the work site without having to carry it. With bucket attachments, haul all the small items you need inside or outside the site. Our industrial cart and dolly fit though any standard size door or gate. The 15 inch no flat tires, roll over curbs and even up and down stairs. You can use UCD to move heavy blocks instead of 2 take 20 at a time.

Time and energy saved will help you get more done.

The construction dolly can be used to move your construction trailers around on the job site. You can add sides or ends to your cart and use it to help do the cleanup. So many uses you will wonder how did I live without this construction cart and construction dolly for so long.